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Meet Movement Artist, Founder, and Creative Strategist Eryn Danielle

Eryn Danielle is a movement artist, creative strategist, model, and founder of a platform called Allies Doing Work based in Brooklyn, New York.

What are you working on right now?

Right now I am currently working as a creative strategist, freelancing for non-profits and other clients. My work specifically spans on helping Black communities and communities of color. That is really my passion point and where I like to focus all the efforts of my creative talents. I also am running a platform called Allies Doing Work which serves as a community space dedicated to anti-racist work, intersectionality, and active allyship. Now we are currently brainstorming new ways to be in a community that exists outside of Instagram, and that also exists outside of social media. So, much of this year is going to be brainstorming and beginning to move to phase two of the platform.

What made you passionate about doing this work and what is your 'why'?

I got my start in the field and working as a creative strategist for non-profits way back in college when I was studying human rights and race and ethnic studies. That was where I began to mold to this type of career path I was hoping to one day be able to find. And what I love is that I am able to utilize all my creativity, things that I have learned from my experience in wellness and beauty, things I’ve learned in startups, things I’ve learned in other corporate companies and then channel it into helping communities that I hope to serve. I always knew that I was really passionate about visual brand, marketing, connecting with audiences, and social media, but I wanted to utilize those skills in a way to hopefully create a positive impact on people’s lives.

How can our community get involved?

So obviously we’re always looking for new voices, new people to be in community with at Allies Doing Work, so I think following the platform is a great first step to start looking back at some of our content. Looking back at some of our Instagram lives with other thought leaders, people that I have learned so much from, have personal friendships with, and who offer their own specific vantage points. I think something that I really love about platform is that, you know, it’s not just my voice and it’s not just my voice that I want to put in the mainstage. I really want the space to be something that amplifies different points of views and challenges our perspectives, challenges my own perspective on a day-to-day basis.

Something I always like to stress is that if you’re interested in getting involved in non-profits, if you’re interested in being part of a community space, you don’t always have to look so far, you don’t even have to look on the internet. There’s so much happening in the local sphere. There’s so much happening in our own cities and towns that need our support, that need to be amplified. So if you’re curious and looking for new ways to be in community with others, to learn more about the topics I’ve shared, I think looking right outside your doorstep can be a really great place and really letting the power of in-person connections kind of fuel your learning experience.

What historical Black figure or event would you like to spotlight and why?

A historical event in Black History that I really have found such an appreciation for over these last couple of months has been Juneteenth. I love that it is now being added the roster of national holidays, that there is this country-wide recognition of the holiday and for Black communities, it’s an opportunity for us to be with each other, to celebrate our heritage, to celebrate how far we’ve come, to celebrate all the work and contributions that we have brought to this country, to the world, to our families, and to ourselves. And I think the people outside the Black community, it provides a really unique opportunity to really learn more about the impact of things like Jim Crow, segregation, slavery, prison reform. There’s so many things that you can spend that day, or the days leading up to that holiday focusing on and adding as an integral part of your, of your learning and of your study.

Tell us about the charity you would like our $10,000 donation to go to:

So this year for Black History Month, I would love to support a non-profit that I find very near and dear to my heart. As someone who hopes to one day have children, I would love to support The Birthing Place which is a collective of doulas and birth professionals that service Black, Indiginous, and communities of color.

A donation to The Birthing Place would directly contribute to their ability to open up a birthing center in the Bronx, New York and to service and provide care to underserved women and their families. As we may be familiar with, the maternal death rate in this country is incredibly high and it becomes even higher for Black and brown women. And what I love about what The Birthing Place aims to do is to provide women with more options outside of a traditional hospital, to provide women with care that is mother-centric, baby-centric, and to also meet the needs of the community. So with an influx of multilingual doulas and healthcare providers that can truly help patients and give every single mother and birthing person a unique approach to something that can be so beautiful and so special to every family.

And what I love also about their work is that they are heavy on education, they are heavy on resources, and they are heavy on options so they’re truly trying to just create more avenues for people to feel confident in their birthing processes, to feel they’re fully informed. And they stand by the notion that birthing centers, that are supported and led by midwives, doulas, lead to less complications, lead to safer, healthier, happier births and that is something that I would really love to support. I think the impact on a city like New York, which does not have these options, especially for women that are low-income we would see a much different city.

You can follow along and learn more about Eryn and Allies Doing Work at, @eryn__danielle, @alliesdoingwork, and

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