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Meet Holly Blakey: Intentional Space Creator

Inside every woman is a superhero. To celebrate this, we are amplifying our artist community and giving you an inside look into their creative processes. We’re highlighting photographers, directors, sculptors, painters, and so many other creatives to show you how they wear The Artist while creating their work.

We sat down with Holly Blakey, intentional space creator, to learn more about her process and what it means to her to be an artist.

What does it mean to you to be an artist?

To help people see, use, and enjoy their space in new ways.

What has your art taught you?

To listen to others; to slow down.

Where did your creative interest stem from?

I left my job in marketing and PR when I was pregnant with my first child. I knew I wanted to be a mother who LOVED what she did – I wanted my kids to have a happy, intentional mom. I had a mentor ask me ”what would you do for fun and for free.“ I knew that was organizing. But I wanted to organize in a very styled, methodical way – that not only got rid of people's clutter (which is ultimately mental clutter), but also created beautiful systems that made people's lives easier.


Was there a class or teacher or person in your life that inspired you or who made an impact in your art?

My female friends and mentors who were challenging their own ideas, and societies ideas, of what it meant to be a working mom. They take risks in their careers and weren't afraid to take risks.

What do you hope people experience in your work?

I want to give people the ”ahhh“ spacious feeling in their homes; to help people simplify their routines and get rid of their mental clutter by transforming their homes and their relationships with their ”stuff“.

What is your process for getting inspired?

Looking through beautiful coffee table books, being in spacious nature, minimalist art, beautiful interior design.

What is your favorite part of creating?

Helping people love their homes again – seeing their faces after I've worked in their homes.

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”My art means giving people space to live differently. When we create new space in our homes, everything changes.“ —Holly Blakey