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Meet Melissa Magsaysay: Writer, Talker, Mother, Author

We’ve teamed up with @thelittlemarket in a 10-part Changemaker series, because together we believe women are making world-shifting change. In honor of this, we are sitting down with Changemakers to hear how they’re pushing boundaries and problem-solving in pursuit of making a positive impact.


In the words of Dolores Huerta, the recipient of The Little Market’s 2022 Changemaker Award, “Sí se puede!” It means, “Yes we can!”

First in the series, we have the huge honor of meeting Melissa Magsaysay and hearing what it means to her to be a Changemaker.

What does it mean to be a Changemaker?

Being a change maker means believing that the impact you’ll make outweighs the fear or uncertainty you may feel in the process.

How do you inspire the people around you?

I try to be kind and curious about people and their stories. Genuine curiosity leads to compassion and I hope my compassion inspires others.

Who are three women you feel are making a huge change right now?

I admire journalist Clarissa Ward, activist Amanda Nguyen, photojournalist Lynsey Addario, journalist Robin Givhan and lawyer Lindsay Toczylowski for making change and setting a new bar in their respective fields. Also, journalist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Maria Ressa.

How does wearing The Changemaker make you feel?

Confident and undistracted, making it easy to be present and focused on my work and the moment.

Lastly, what does an average morning look like for you?

Get my son ready for school, walk or workout, read the news, write and finish deadlines. I try and get most if not all my ”big“ or most daunting tasks done before 11 am. If I’m working on a book proposal or personal project, I try and prioritize it for the morning because those things often get shoved to nighttime or never.

You can learn more about Melissa by following her on Instagram at @melissamagsaysay, and catch her podcast, The Beauty Vanguard @thebeautyvanguard.

Grayson Women's Button-Up Midi Dress Black Tissue Cotton The Changemaker
Grayson Women's Button-Up Midi Dress Black Tissue Cotton The Changemaker
Grayson Women's Button-Up Midi Dress Black Tissue Cotton The Changemaker
”If I could spark one conversation with my personal hero, it would be about fairness and fighting the patriarchy.“ —Melissa Magsaysay

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