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Meet the fearless, tenacious Mia Wright

We’ve teamed up with @thelittlemarket in a 10-part Changemaker series, because together we believe women are making world-shifting change. In honor of this, we are sitting down with Changemakers to hear how they’re pushing boundaries and problem-solving in pursuit of making a positive impact.


In the words of Dolores Huerta, the recipient of The Little Market’s 2022 Changemaker Award, “Sí se puede!” It means, “Yes we can!”


Next in the series, we have the huge honor of meeting Mia Wright and hearing what it means to her to be a Changemaker.

What does it mean to be a Changemaker?

A changemaker is a fearless and selfless leader on the front-line of disrupting norms to reimagine and build a more harmonious, sustainable and equitable world.

How do you inspire the people around you?

People in my life are inspired by my authenticity and tenacity- I always show up as my full self and take on the challenges life pitches with my game face on.

Who are three women you feel are making a huge change right now?

Elsa Collins, Serena Williams and Meena Harris.


How does wearing The Changemaker make you feel?

Liberated and peaceful.

Lastly, what does an average morning look like for you?

”Thank you God“ are the first words I utter every morning. I meditate or hop on the Peloton, both are great energy fuelers. Wake my kids and get them off to school and roll right into my first meeting of the day.

You can learn more about Mia by following her on Instagram at @mrsmiawright.

Photos by: Tiffany Gentry @tiffanyjphotography

”Life is a game of perspective. Choose to focus on the harmony and joy and you soon begin to bend the odds your way.“ —Mia Wright

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