Meet the Power Pump Girls

Raina and Sherin, co-founders of the Power Pump Girls, Inc. have created a community where women can connect and serve in meaningful ways. Their primary initiative, secured., focuses on period poverty awareness while advocating for women's rights. Power Pump Girls as a whole serves as a hub that mobilizes women to be the change-makers in their communities concerning issues like civic engagement, equity and education.

Your social club was largely based on in-person events, what has been your biggest obstacle in the continuance of building your community?

Having all our event plans cancelled this year was challenging in the beginning. Most of our touchpoints with our PPG network - along with most of our revenue - were through our monthly gatherings. Having to find ways to pivot to continue to serve our community was an obstacle that we had to face head on and get creative about almost immediately.

What do you think people can do to band together?

There's so much power in collaboration and working with people to accomplish a goal. Setting egos aside to band together and solve issues is one of the most beautiful things we can do. Humans were created to be communal, collaborative beings. Hearing out one another's perspectives, listening with intent to someone else can go a long way. Being intentional in every moment with others.

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What are your tips for managing mental health?

Monitoring your intake is a major way to manage your mental health. What are you listening to on a daily basis? What images or messages are you passively scrolling through? Your subconscious is always being assured or dissuaded about something and it's all dependent on your intake. Your thoughts (subconscious or not) become your words (how you speak about yourself and others). Your words become your actions, which become habits. And habits define your character. Monitoring what stimulates your mind on a daily basis can have major impacts on your overall life, good or bad.

“Our superpowers are our unhinged curiosity and calmness in the midst of chaos.” —Raina & Sherin

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