Meet the Woman Using Fashion to Combat Cancer

Meet Donna McNutt, aka: The Cancer Fashionista. She’s a wife, mother, volunteer and cancer warrior. Let’s jump in to learn more about her and her work supporting organizations that change lives of mothers and children.

Tell us about yourself!

I am 59 yrs old, married for 32 yrs to a man who still gives me butterflies & mom to 3 adult children who have made me so proud in how they have grown along with me on my cancer journey.

Your style is so fun and brings a ton of joy to your community. How do you use fashion to combat cancer?

I’ve always loved to get dressed. Cancer broke me to the point that I could no longer do so and I knew in order to survive, no matter if it was just a little lip gloss, I had to build my way back to getting dressed. I was determined to not let cancer take that from me and it was so important to show my children that mom was ok and that could only happen if they saw me like they always had, dressed.

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What brings you joy?

Spending time with my family. Cancer made me parent 100 yrs into the last 5. The 5 of us have forgiven, loved, laughed, cried and discovered the joy of being together in a way that we would never take for granted again.

You’ve been volunteering with the Casa Teresa Mission for the past 7 years. Can you tell us about them?

Their Mission is to provide pregnant women in crisis a loving home to begin their healing. Their vision is to break cycles and help families thrive through effective, caring residential programs and their values are love, hope and empowerment.

How has your work with them changed due to the precautions with Covid?

During lockdown I did not want my moms to think I would forget them & how important they are to me, so I prepare a weekly craft that I drop off with instructions.

That’s amazing! They’re so lucky to have you. Can you let us know how we can support them?

You can head to their website and look at ways to get involved. It’s amazing how many ways we can give back without the skills we think we need to do so.

What are your greatest hopes for 2021?

To be healthy, go on vacation with the family and to be back doing what fills my heart— teaching women that we can survive because we have each other.

We are so inspired by you and your outlook on life and would love to share a piece of that with our community!

FIND YOUR THING, for me it’s getting dressed. I’m fighting cancer one outfit at a time.

“ My superpower is dressing my way through battles and believing that many great tales have involved a pair of shoes, mine will too.” —Donna McNutt


On behalf of Donna, Grayson is donating $2000 to Casa Teresa this holiday season to help support their mission to bring a loving home to pregnant women in crisis.

If you'd like to donate, please visit them at

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