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Mónica Ramírez: Storyteller, Founder & Activist

What started as being an always curious child who wanted to be sure that the stories of farmworker community members were also being covered in her local newspaper, Mónica has made it her life journey to tell stories, learn from stories and push to ensure that the stories of different kinds of people are being told. She does just that in two of her recent projects—Humans Who Feed Us, a campaign focused on sharing the stories of immigrant food workers employed across the food supply chain, and The Latinx House, an organization Mónica co-founded in 2019 to focus on lifting up the power and excellence of the Latinx community by sharing stories, lifting up creators, pushing for more authentic representation in entertainment and media, and building bridges between the Latinx community and our allies.


”I don't really have an average day. I try to build in time every day to read and write. We have built in time to my schedule so that I have time to review weekly reports and other important documents. If we don't build that time in it is difficult to manage everything. I also try to stay on top of my email. I try to review every email that comes into my box every day. I am not always successful but I make this a goal because I know that other people are depending on me to review and approve items—I don't want to be the bottleneck on any of our projects or work.

Even though there is no ordinary day in my life, I make it a priority to carve out as much time with my family as possible. I also try to take walks to stretch and move during the day.“


”I have often had challenges with button-up shirts. For the longest time I have had to search for safety pins to ensure that I don't get any embarrassing gaps in my shirts or I have had the experience where button-up shirts are too baggy and they create bulges when I tuck them in because there is too much extra material. The wonderful thing about Grayson's shirts is that they are made for women. They are made to flatter—they are roomy where they need to be roomy and they are more tailored where it is most important. This helps to alleviate stress or awkwardness, which is so key. It is one thing to distract me from the work that I need to be laser-focused on.“

”My go-to styling tip for folks who are on the go is to where plenty of layers for the different environments that you have to occupy as you are moving through our day. I love to wear a tank top under my Grayson button-up and a jacket or cardigan on top. This gives me options for the changing temperature and to dress the shirt up or down, if needed.“

To learn more about Mónica and the important work she’s doing, follow her @activistmonicaramirez.


”I can't pick just one person to be my hero.

My father who started working in the fields at 8 years old and went back to school at 70 to get a certificate to help support newly arriving immigrant community members. He is my hero.

My mother whose love for math and banking began when she was a little girl helping to pay bills for my mono-lingual grandparents, which led to her career working at the same bank for 51 years. She is my hero.

The migrant women who risk so much out of the love for their families and in pursuit of dreams, but also really basic things like their safety. They work so hard, give so much and demonstrate so much courage, as well as strength, every day. They are my heroes.“

”Heroes don't set out to change the world and they certainly don't seek any kind of attention for their work. Heroes make changes big and small through love and fierce dedication.“
Grayson Womens Button-Up Shirt Everyday Heroes Monica Ramirez
Grayson Womens Button-Up Shirt Everyday Heroes Monica Ramirez
Grayson Womens Button-Up Shirt Everyday Heroes Monica Ramirez

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