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The Power Behind
The Brand

Audrey McLoghlin has never wanted to wear anything but button-ups. A former software engineer and child of Irish immigrants, she's bootstrapped and built four businesses through sheer grit and an obsession with doing one thing, perfectly. She named the company for her absolutely fearless three-year-old daughter, Grayson.

"There's nothing like a button-up shirt that makes a woman feel strong and feminine at the same time. There’s incredible power in that."

Audrey and daughter, Grayson, in The Hero | Washed Cotton | Solids

The New Power Shirt

We are inspired by today’s generation of women who are literally out there conquering the world everyday, in ways big and small, transforming the world we live in. After working with 30 different fit models and endless iterations to perfect the design, we created one outrageously perfect button-up shirt called THE HERO.


Dedicated to
Nurturing Champions

As a mom herself, Audrey was determined to support her team at the intersection of career and parenthood. Enter Grayson House: a 12 ft, 2 story, life-size dollhouse inside the Grayson showroom, complete with a fireplace, library, nap room, and Atelier work table.


It's a woman's world.
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