Grayson x Her

Updated February 8, 2021

We’ve partnered with HER USA, a community that connects impactful, and professional womxn to bring you a five part series of live, digital events and profiles where we will uncover and celebrate our superpowers, all while meeting and learning from womxn who are changing the world.  Everyone has a superpower, it’s time to discover yours.



Setting intentions and creating a vision are important first steps for creating the life you want, but these are only part of the equation. The universe and the world respond to inspired action because it demonstrates your true intent. It creates a momentum that will help put things into place and set your vision in motion. 

HER USA and Grayson invite you to join a masterclass on how to harness inspired action to rapidly create new opportunities and set your vision in motion.

Hana Jung, mindset expert and Founder of Re:Boot Experiences will lead this experience to interactively show you how to take inspired action, support it with accountability, and create momentum in your vision.

During this workshop Hana will teach you how to tap into her superpower of efficiency as you set your intentions for 2021 to help ensure you get to the finish line.





HER USA is a community that creates intimate, curated gatherings that introduce concepts which allow for growth emotionally, spiritually and professionally. HER believes that vulnerability will bring us closer together forming genuine relationships that will pave the way for women. In a world where the filtered self has become the norm; leading to high anxiety, impostor syndrome and burnout, HER uncovers the most authentic self which leads to confident and grounded women. HER believes empowered women power world.